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A herd of elephants in Kenya

Kenya Safaris: Tailor-Made

A land of safaris and peaking adventures

Travel to Kenya with Tourlane

A Kenya safari is an adventure that needs to be seen to be believed. Which is why Tourlane has used the expertise of its Africa Travel Experts to create tailor-made trips that suit your needs. Visit Kenya and discover its impressive 54 national parks and countless wildlife species. Get ready to meet the “Big Five”, originally named by hunters these are five difficult to capture game animals: the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and Cape buffalo. Witness the great migration of wildebeest as they move across the plains. Rest in shadows of Mount Kilimanjaro, where the groves of acacia trees offer shade to dine in the wild with a tasty local dishes such as Kenyan Pilau. Whatever you want to get out of your visit to Kenya, Tourlane is there to plan and create a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

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Visit Kenya: Must-See Attractions

Masai Mara

Ready for a Great Migration? At the Masaai Mara Game Reserve, the sight of countless wildebeest and thousands more wildlife species make the perilous journey across the Mara River. Many explorers travel to Kenya to witness this seasonal spectacle, watching from grass plains and steep embankments in a luxurious 4×4.

Mt. Kenya

Mount Kenya peaks at over a huge 5,199 metres making it the second-highest mountain in Africa. If you’re feeling up to the challenge then there are several hiking trails can take you to the top. Take camp at the foot of the mountain after an authentic Kenya safari in the same national park as the mountain inhabits. Not enough in one day? Then explore exotic caves used by the Mau Mau as a military base in the 1950s, a great attraction for historians and wannabe archaeologists.

Amboseli National Park

With Mount Kilimanjaro acting as the backdrop to a park where African elephants roam in herds among baobab trees—it’ll be tough not to fall in love with Amboseli National Park. Safari through sulphur springs and woodlands on the ride of a lifetime. You’re likely to see buffalo, leopard, lions, and packs of wild dogs—all native to the area. A visit to Kenya isn’t complete without this pilgrimage.

Tsavo East National Park

At the Tsavo East National Park, you can drive to the embankment of the Galana River and watch as crocodiles lurk for prey and hippos take time to cool down. Another iconic Kenya safari tour, it totals 13,747 square kilometres and can entertain for days as you move through swampland towards the Yatta Plateau, the world’s longest flow of lava. The “Big Five” and countless birds native to Kenya are also here to bedazzle visitors, day or night. Less

Kenya Safaris: The Experience

Kenya safaris are world-famous but the country has a huge amount of offer holidaymakers. It’s a biodiverse and culturally diverse country with multiple habitats, amazing cities like Mombasa and Nairobi and 60 spoken languages. Witness the semi-nomadic Maasai people as they move with their livestock to grazing lands. Hike Mount Kenya that gave the country its name and see the country from above its snow-capped peak. Enter caves, wooded savannas, and lakes. In Tsavo East National Park, drive alongside the embankment of the Galana River, a place where the sooty gull swoops above and elephants splash around in the water.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Kenya?

The equator passes through Kenya and you can visit both the northern and southern hemisphere in a day. The country itself is one of contrasting lands, with mountainous plateaus found in the country’s middle and resplendent beaches by the eastern coast. For wildlife viewing, the dry season months of June to October are favourable. January and February are very dry months with the wet season arriving in November and lasting until May, providing greener scenery offering the chance to see wildlife sightings. Whether you’re travelling for a traditional Kenya safari, bustling city exploring, or off-the-beaten-path adventures, our Travel Experts are here to plan your perfect trip.

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