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Namibia Holidays

Dramatic deserts and endless wildlife

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Discover a Namibia holiday that will be truly unique with a custom, tailor-made trip designed by Tourlane Travel Experts. With 13 national parks and lots of protected areas, Namibia safaris are some of the most spectacular in Africa. The wildlife of Etosha National Park houses 114 species alone, including the black rhino, lions, and elusive leopard. As you cruise the western coastline that meets the Atlantic Ocean enter Skeleton Coast, a land where waves clash with desert dunes that reach 274 metres in height, and remote villages house the Himba people in the “land of endless horizons.”

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Etosha National Park

To the Ovambo tribe, Etosha translates aptly to mean “great white place.” Visit the salt pans and be moved by desiccated crater-like soil. Visible from space, the pans host a plume cloud of the pink flamingo in the wet season. The park is perfect for an authentic Namibia safari drive, witness the arresting presence of staunch black rhinoceros kicking up dust as they move between dwarf shrub on this cratered land.

Walvis Bay

Trucking the port town of Walvis Bay in a 4×4 towards the celestial lagoon of Sandwich Harbor is an experience you won’t soon forget. Sightseeing boat tours of the bay area bring passengers within touching distance of playful dolphins, seals, and diving cormorants. Look back at the jagged Namib Desert coastline as it clashes with the waves of the Atlantic Ocean in awe.

Fish River Canyon

The world’s second-largest canyon is a striking wilderness terrain of rock and cliffside vistas. A multi-day hike presents you with the chance to explore this natural wonder from several elevations, with Hell’s Bend offering up the debate of being the perfect spot to sit and marvel. A night spent under a starry skyline streaked crimson by sunset is a moment to cherish here. Travel to Namibia for this canyon alone and you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime memory.


Sossusvlei is home to some of the highest dunes in the world. Within the hot confines of this desert ecosystem, coppered sunrises, and stubborn plants will have you snapping away with your camera for hours. Ink black trees on a bleached-out land cast striking shadows across clay pans. An essential part of any Namibia holiday is a hot air balloon ride capping off a wonderful day in Sossusvlei.

Caprivi Strip

The Caprivi Strip extends 450 miles to the borders of Zambia and Zimbabwe with major’s rivers such as Linyanti and Chobe flowing through sparsely populated village communities such as the Lizauli. This largely untouched region of Namibia boasts thrilling views, fertile lands, a cultural art centre, and plunging waters known as Popa Falls. Less

The Namibia Holiday Experience

Travel to Namibia is on many people's bucket list, but the country itself is sparsely populated. But, the country is still filled to the brim with culture, beauty, and views that will last a lifetime. If it’s culture you’re craving then enjoy 6,000 years of African history reflected in the Brandberg Massif in Damaraland, home to 45,000 rock paintings. If you want to adventure in wildlife, then you can watch as giant giraffes feed on treetops and mighty elephants move across the lands of Etosha National Park. On the skeleton coast, shipwrecks have left huge impressions among blood-red dunes that are so big they inspired nicknames such as “Big Daddy.” A Namibia safari may be the reason you to travel to Namibia but there are countless sights to behold.

What’s the Best Time to Visit Namibia?

With an average 300 days of sunshine and low humidity, hot and dry climates are commonly found throughout Namibia. The better times to travel will vary on location, with the interior being particularly hot in December until April. The Caprivi Strip has the highest rainfall with 600-800 millimetres falling annually. The humidity will also be higher due to a tropical climate. Between the Kalahari in the east and the Namib Desert in the west, capital Windhoek rests in its centre. Given its altitude of 5,577 on average, you’ll experience moderate temperatures of 20 Celsius on average. If you’re visiting Namibia for safaris then pleasantly warm weather from April through October make it an ideal time for wildlife viewing. There is little to zero rain during the winter months and cooler evenings can be found in June. Ask your Tourlane Travel Expert the best time to travel to Namibia for your tailor-made holiday. 

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