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Views of a church in Lüderitz, Namibia

Lüderitz Holidays

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    A harbour town on the west coast of Namibia, Lüderitz rests between the coastal dunes of the Namib Desert and the windswept coastline of the South Atlantic Ocean. As you stroll these sand-swept streets, you’ll come across the surreal sight of German art nouveau architecture shaped by the legacy of the country’s colonial past. Hike up Diamond Hill to visit the gothic Rock Church. Diaz Point is a spot on the rocks where you can look across the coastline and see waves crashing against the beach, a sight of awe in the "City of Bays."

    1. Goerke House

    2. Robert Harbor

    3. Rock Church

    4. Kolmanskop Ghost Town

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    The Top Lüderitz Holiday Attractions

    1. Goerke house

    Built during a diamond boom, Goerke House is a mansion of extravagance, and one of the grandest houses of the diamond rush period. The Art Nouveau stylings and colourful exterior of Goerke House is a stunning reflection of Lüderitz’s prosperity. Take a tour of this enchanting palace filled with arched wooden beam interiors and grand staircases, built-in 1910 it overlooks Lüderitz.

    2. Robert Harbour

    Robert Harbour is a bay between Shark Island and Lüderitz. From here, you can enjoy expansive views of the offshore islands as you meander along the promenade. Boat trips launch from the harbour and go to Penguin Islands, home to rookeries of penguins, seals, and sea lions.

    3. Rock church

    A national monument and cultural landmark of Lüderitz, Rock Church showcases neo-gothic stylings that are further exemplified by illuminating stained-glass windows. The church is only accessible for a few evening hours. But this is a good time spent, one that’s perfect to capture a play of colours that await you when the setting sun meets glass windows.

    4. Kolmanskop ghost town

    Kolmanskop is a ghost town on the outskirts of Lüderitz slowly being reclaimed by nature. Embrace the eerie feeling as you explore a town abandoned with the steady decline of a diamond rush. Tours and permits can be arranged in Lüderitz. A local museum displays mining equipment and showcases the photography of a period full of riches. Less

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