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Stellenbosch is all about the good life and best enjoyed outdoors. Walk through a town renowned for its Cape Dutch architecture, which adorns traditional thatch roofs with modern touches of glass. Enjoy a mountainous landscape submerged by vineyards that produce one million litres of wine annually. The architecture, landscapes, and wineries of the Western Cape province make for a fabulous holiday in a town full of exquisite touches. 

  1. The Village Museum

  2. Dorp Street

  3. Erfurthuis

  4. Stellenbrau Brewery

  5. Moederkerk

  6. Blaauwklippen Family Market

The Top Stellenbosch Holiday Attractions

1. The Village Museum

The Village Museum is comprised of exquisitely restored houses that were constructed from 1709 to 1850. As you enter rooms full of wooden flooring and beams, you’ll be greeted by an employee dressed in clothing reflective of the theme of the house. Ask anything you like about how it was to grow up and live in these houses at the time of their construction.

2. Dorp Street

Dorp Street, oak-lined and leafy, charms with its rows of houses that emit an old-world charm. Walk a street considered the centre of Stellenbosch. Boutiques, art galleries, and antique stores brimming with vintage findings make for lovely stop-off points as you stroll an area that reflects a quintessential time gone by.

3. Erfurthuis

The history of Erfurthuis, now an administrative headquarters, dates to the 17th century, a time when this double storey house with wrought iron balcony and stilts was on farmland. The house was fully built in 1876, with its name given in memory of the town of Erfurt in Germany. If you’re a history buff or architect lover, then a visit to this beautiful building in a breezy town is a must.

4. Stellenbrau Brewery

Fancy an in-house tasting of some of South Africa’s most prestigious wines? If the answer is yes, then go for a tasting tour of the Stellenbrau Brewery, a perfect place to knock back a couple of glasses of fine wine. Craft beers are now available to taste as you learn of the intricacies in the brewing process.

5. Moederkerk

Built in 1719, the Moederkerk Church is a local landmark that’s been redesigned in a neo-gothic style. A gleaming façade of white walls with a characterising pinnacle, the church represents a more typical styling of colonial architecture. Inside, wooden seating contrasts with white beams that rise to the ceiling. A beautifully cared for garden is a lovely spot to take pause and experience this spiritual space.

6. Blaauwklippen Family Market

Held every Sunday, the Blaauwklippen Family Market is a welcoming weekly event that delights young and old alike. Wine and food tasting stands are readily available as you enjoy a weekend stroll. Feast on a Greek kebab or a couple of Chinese dumplings after you say hi to some of the friendly goats and alpacas around the market.

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