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Welcome to Tanzania

From the statuesque Mount Kilimanjaro to the sight of a pride of lions as they roam the short grass plains of Serengeti National Park, Tanzania is a land of striking scenery, adventurous hikes, and animals such as hippos, buffalo, and the endangered white rhino. Over 130 languages and spicy cuisine such as Biryani will fulfill your cultural needs. Swamp lands, forests, short grass plains, and the world's largest caldera make a walk in the wild feel unlike any other found on earth. Encounter a great wildebeest migration, flocking flamingos, and much more when you enter Tanzania.

The Tanzanian Experience

Tanzania attracts with safari game drives across the Selous Game Reserve to see the "Big Five", a hike of snow-capped mountains, and an exotic beach holiday in Zanzibar where you can to dive into the Indian Ocean to meet marine creatures such as seahorse . A variety of outdoor activities include a bush walk by the embankment of the flowing Tarangire River where crocodiles prey in murky waters. A 4x4 safari game drive into a crater with over 25,000 roaming animals, and visit to Serengeti National Park where ghostly acacia trees cast shadows over arid land at sunset, timeless attractions.

Popular Attractions in Tanzania


Tanzania’s towering Mount Kilimanjaro’s invites hikers of all levels to trek towards its snow-capped peak. Trails take you above Tanzanian lands that Hemingway once described as making him, “hungry for more.” The sight of three volcanic cones piercing a clouded skyline is a natural phenomenon rightfully considered a Tanzanian standalone attraction.

Serengeti National Park

Translating to “endless plains” in Swahili, the word Serengeti aptly describes a home for wildlife that includes the Big Five—tree climbing lions, leopards, rhino, elephant and buffalo. An annual wildebeest migration on the short-grass plains of Serengeti will allow you to witness predators roam, the elusive cheetah, and plenty more of the animal kingdom.

Ngorongoro Crater

The world’s largest caldera, the Ngorongoro Crater covers 115 square miles and includes animals such as the black rhino, hundreds of bird species, and the densest population of lions in Africa. Nearby, the Olduvai Gorge is an archaeological site where fossilized bones date back to some of the earliest in human history. Explore the foot of a crater that brims with flora and forestation unique to the region.

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park sees thousands of pink flamingo flock to these soda lake waters each year. Approximately 400 other bird species also exist here, as do troops of baboons, gazelles, and buffalo . A drive north to the town of Mto Wa Mbu presents an opportunity to experience all 120 of Tanzania’s tribes. Enjoy a campsite stay overnight and learn about some of Africa's oldest tribal cultures.

Tarangire National Park

The Baobab trees that forest the land of Tarangire National Park will impress you for their statuesque presence in this land of rolling green. The more arid dry season rewards you with wildlife activity as the river provides cooler waters for elephants, zebra, and giraffe. Look up at branches to see swinging monkeys and baboons, or look further towards the sky at bird species that include the yellow-collared lovebird.


Zanzibar is an island of palmed beaches, multicultural eateries, and a history influenced by a trade boom centered around spices. Scuba dive in the Indian Ocean and discover magical creatures such as the mantis shrimp. Or swim with dolphins in the Menai Bay as the sunsets over your shoulder. A visit to Stone Town is a must if wishing to get a sense of Zanzibar’s cosmopolitan trade history, whilst enjoying a stroll through cobbled backstreets full of thriving Arabic market trade.

Best Time to Visit Tanzania

Tanzania's unique geography and changeable climates mean that the dry (June-October) and wet (November-December, March-May) seasons contrasting weather will influence your decision on where you wish to be, and when. By the coast, heat and humidity are more common whilst the northwestern highlands are cooler. The central plateau is dry and arid year-round as land elevation impacts climate also. The great wildebeest migration peaks in August and September. Mount Kilimanjaro has no real off-season as it is hiker friendly year-round. Zanzibar is soaked in sun but for a rainy season that runs from March to May.

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