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An elephant and its calf in the wild

Highlights of Tanzania

Experience the breath-taking landscapes of Tanzania

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Highlights of Tanzania

This tour includes city living, safari adventure, and an exotic island retreat. Begin in Arusha with a tour of a coffee plantation. Visit a central market by surrounding roads where Masai herders lead livestock through traffic. In Tarangire National Park, hop in a 4x4 and safari by the Tarangire River to gaze at the “Big Five.” At a depth of 610 metres, the Ngorongoro Crater is a grass plain where 25,000 animals roam on the largest unbroken caldera on earth. Finish your holiday at Zanzibar—an island that’s best enjoyed with a seafood platter and sundowner by the ocean.

  1. Arusha

  2. Tarangire National Park

  3. Lake Manyara National Park

  4. Central Serengeti

  5. Ngorongoro Crater

  6. Jambiani

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Mto Wa Mbu ein malerisches Dorf - zu Entdecken bei einer Camping Safari Tansania

1. Arusha

Your tour begins in Arusha where our Travel Expert will provide you with inside knowledge. Visit the Tanzanite Experience and learn of a gemstone known as Tanzanite. At Central Market, traditional Masai clothing and handwoven baskets make for excellent souvenirs. Watch wide-eyed as dala dala buses raise dirt from roads where herders shuffle cattle. In a city full of African flavours, enjoy a local dish of pilau with a sundowner as day turns to night.

Afrika, Tansania, Elefanten streifen im Tarangire-Nationalpark umher, während im Hintergrund die Abendsonne scheint.

2. Tarangire National Park

Head west to Tarangire National Park and get lost among 1,100 square miles of wilderness. Hop on a 4x4 by the banks of the Tarangire River and watch as hippos roll on muddy banks to cool down. Seek out the elusive cheetah—the “Big Five” will overwhelm you. A balloon ride over this land further reveals its beauty as granite ridges, acacia bush, and swampland fill the landscape.

Elefantenfamilie auf der Straße im Lake Manyara National Park, Tansania, Afrika.

3. Lake Manyara National Park

At Lake Manyara National Park, enjoy birding opportunities as you take a treetop tour that peaks at 370 metres. Drive to the lake and watch pink flamingos feed in their tens of thousands. If not in season, take a canoe across soda waters as the sun sets. Take camp by fire and feast on meaty bush tucker in a land where lions sleep on tree branches.

Elephant zwischen Bäumen im Serengeti Nationalpark in Tansania

4. Central Serengeti

The safari adventures are endless in Tanzania. Drive north to Central Serengeti and feel a volcanic energy as you enter a national park of immense beauty known as “endless plains.” In July and August, a Great Migration of wildebeest takes place among the short grass plains. If not in season, don’t worry—metamorphic rock formed from volcanic ash makes a striking contrast.

Ngorongoro-Krater - ein beeindruckendes Naturschauspiel bei einer Camping Safari Tansania

5. Ngorongoro Crater

The Ngorongoro Crater is perhaps best known for having the densest population of lions in Africa. The world’s largest unbroken caldera is next. Drive to a depth of 610 metres to see over 25,000 animals run wild. Cruise by 4x4 truck and take in an open savannah that meets a fever-forest, saline lake, and the Gorigor Swamp. Buffalo, eland, and significant numbers of the “Big Five” are all included on this tour.

Weiße Sandstrände auf Jambiani - zu erleben bei einer Camping Safari Tansania

6. Jambiani

Your holiday ends on the island of Zanzibar. Learn of the city’s rich trade history as you sip an angel face cocktail on a pearly white beach lined with palm trees. In Jambiani, a thatch-hutted village by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean is an authentic fishing community. Kitesurf on sands as boats head out to catch rabbitfish. Snorkel in clear waters on the lookout for seahorses or sperm whales—a perfect end to a trip of a lifetime.

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