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Welcome to Central America

Adorned by ancient ruined, balmy beaches, and wondrous vegetation, Central America connects the continents of North and South America. With a population approaching 50 million spread across seven countries, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, the continent is well-worth a visit, if only for its rare flora, fauna, and varied culture. Whether tropical rainforests, a hike to the Mayan ruins, or visit of a colonial city abuzz with culture, Central America will warm your heart the moment you arrive.

From Mayan Ruins to Dream Beaches

Costa Rica

With two stunning coasts, Costa Rica is a land abundant with tropical vegetation, habitats, and wildlife such as the miniature margay. A diverse mix of indigenous and Spanish influences means that locals known as Ticos possess a dynamic multiculturalism that has defined Costa Rican culture. With beaches that touch the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, endless jungles and vegetation, and culinary delights, the country will enchant you with its local warmth and vivid land.

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