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The lands surrounding the town of La Fortuna, translating from Spanish to mean “The Fortune,” are an oasis of tropical forests and wetland in the Northern Highlands of Costa Rica. Whether it's an orchid garden of the rarest beauty, or striking views of Arenal Volcano that’ll capture your gaze—in this farming community, nature is always with you. From a waterfall trail to a luxurious hot spring, take in the sight of a capuchin monkey or parrot snake as you holiday in one of the country’s most beautiful locations.

  1. Arenal Volcano National Park

  2. La Fortuna Waterfall

  3. Suspension Bridge Park Mistico Arenal

  4. Ecotermales Fortuna

  5. Venado Caves

  6. Natural Lodge Caño Negro

The Top La Fortuna Holiday Attractions

1. Arenal Volcano National Park

Spot a howler monkey as you hike among 12,000 hectares that make up Arenal Volcano National Park. The highlight here may well be the site of stratovolcano Arenal, or perhaps it’ll be a Ceiba tree dating 400-years and four times the size of Big Ben—in this national park, nature overwhelms. As you 4x4 or hike, take in waterfalls, hot springs, and orchids—and be on the lookout for the elusive jaguar.

2. La Fortuna Waterfall

Set among a biological reserve within 210 acres of tropical wet forest, is the 70 metre high, La Fortuna Waterfall. The flow of jungle water makes for an ideal spot to picnic or swim as you indulge in utter relaxation. Trails can be taken by foot or horse. Move through nature, pausing on a hanging bridge on route to enjoy the chirping sounds of parrots.

3. Suspension Bridge Park Mistico Arenal

Stretching two miles, the hanging bridges of Mistico Arenal elevate you 45 metres above tropical forestation, providing some of the best views of Arenal Volcano. But it may be the night tour that you take home as a unforgettable memory, as you spot a red-eyed leaf frog, howler monkey, or cicadas among trees you’ve ziplined across earlier that day.

4. Ecotermales Fortuna

An exclusive setting, the hot springs of Eco Termales Fortuna are heated from volcanic magma that nurtures both body and mind. With a capacity of a hundred people, sip a cocktail at a bar immersed in the views of jungle as water spills all around you. Stroll pathways formed from volcanic silt on route for an evening drink. The exceptional service and tiered pools of water that make up this nature retreat are perfectly enjoyed with a mojito in hand under a blanket of stars.

5. Venado Caves

Formations that date back to the millions in years, underground waterfalls, and stalactite formations—the Venado Caves take you to another world. As you tour a stretch of 2,700 metres of tunnel with a Travel Expert, enter caverns that are up to 35 metres in height as you come across wildlife such as bats, frogs, and fish that exist largely in darkness among ancient limestone.

6. Natural Lodge Caño Negro

In the lush wetlands at the northern border of Nicaragua, is Natural Hut Cano Negro. These hutted lodgings make for the perfect nature retreat as you enjoy a tranquil setting of tropical trees, the Caño Negro Lagoon, and Frio River. A top-three wetland in the world, enjoy a dip in a pool at sun set after a day spotting river turtles, ocelots, or over 350 bird species that fill the sky in technicolor.

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