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A hanging bridge in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde Holidays

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    Monteverde is a paradise of nature and wildlife. Look up to spot a resplendent quetzal bird as you hike or bridge walk through treetop trails in a mountain setting that’s also home to a cloud forest, or two. A zipline in Selvatura Park followed by a visit to a butterfly garden makes for a great day of adventure and harmony. For the animal lover in you, take a tour in this idyllic holiday setting and keep an eye out for ocelots, pumas, margays, and plenty of bird life residing in a reserve that’s 40 square miles of exceptional beauty.

    1. Selvatura Park

    2. Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

    3. Monteverde Serpentarium

    4. Monteverde Butterfly Garden

    5. Biological Reserve Monteverde

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    The Top Monteverde Holiday Attractions

    1. Selvatura Park

    Get ready for Selvatura Park and as many nature tours as you could wish for. Observe South America’s most beautiful reptiles at an exhibition that showcases lizards, snakes, and frogs. Follow it up with a canopy tour that takes you across a cloud forest via zipline, as you fly between ancient trees. Take pause at the Hummingbird Garden and learn of 14 less common species. Under expert guide, end with a natural history walk after a day full of new experiences.

    2. Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

    At 300 hectares the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve is small in comparison to Monteverde, yet huge when it comes to the amount of unique biodiversity. A constant cloud cover provides moisture that means trees can be seen draped in vine, shrub, and moss. Take a trail and look up in search of bellbirds, or around you for the jaguar, agouti, or three-toed sloth.

    3. Monteverde Serpentarium

    In the heart of Cordillera de Tilarin at 1,200 metres elevation is the Monteverde Serpentarium. Exist in rustic elegance for an afternoon as you enjoy a more venomous side in a tropical setting. The snake exhibit has over 40 species and includes the poison arrow frog and turtles to go alongside slithery friends. A guided tour organised by our Travel Expert reveals the quirks and habits of local wildlife.

    4. Monteverde Butterfly Garden

    A day spent touring a butterfly garden in the heart of the Monteverde mountains is time well spent indeed. This nature centre has 30 species of some of the world’s most delicate and colourful butterflies. Walk among nature in a harmonious setting, taking in a busy colony of leafcutter ants as you do—they sure are workers. Also on show is Cerro Plano’s eight legged arachnids.

    5. Monteverde Biological Reserve

    The Monteverde Biological Reserve is simply enormous and provides over 3,000 plant species including 500 varieties of orchids. Prepare to be dazzled by the beautiful selection of rare plants on offer and have your camera to hand. The flora here is unfound anywhere on earth among tropical forest that bulges with 750 tree species—outstanding. Less

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