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Tourlane Studies and Campaigns

    At Tourlane, we're proud to produce and release inspirational travel content based on research every single month. We're excited to share our latest studies and research pieces on the topic of travel right here - check out our latest campaigns below.

    Tourlane Community Travel Survey

    Tourlane, the online specialist for tailor-made dream trips, has conducted a survey among its community of travelers to ask about people’s travel preferences.

    Hot air ballons over a mountain landscape in Turkey

    The 50 Most Instagrammed Islands in the World

    To inspire travelers around the world, Tourlane has researched the 50 most instagrammed islands across the globe that would be perfect as a future vacation destination.

    Tempelanlage im Dschungel von Bali in Indonesien

    The Best Cities for Female Solo Travelers

    To celebrate International Women's Day and to inspire female solo travelers across the world, Tourlane created a special ranking on the top 50 cities for female solo travelers to visit.

    Rear view of woman looking at city in sunlight

    Tourlane’s Women’s Solo Travel Survey 2020

    YouGov and Tourlane have partnered to discover the opinions of the UK public on solo travelling in celebration of Women’s Day. 

    Solo female traveller leaning out window on a train

    February - Officially the Month You Need to Go on Holiday

    When do you actually need a holiday? Our Tourlane Travel Experts set out to find the best month when the British public should jump on a plane and escape it all.

    Gorgeous white sand beach in Costa Rica

    The 10 Most Beautiful Blue Places in the World

    To brighten up Blue Monday, Tourlane has produced a guide to the 10 most beautiful blue places in the world that every traveller should visit in their lifetime.

    A large, blue natural spa in Iceland with mountains in the distance