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Man with dog in canoe on Canadian lake in Rockies
Grizzly Bear in Banff National Park
Mountain scenery in Kluane National Park in Canada
Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

North America: Tailor-made

Wonders of the New World

Where in NORTH-AMERICA would you like to go?

Welcome to North America

The vast North American continent holds wonder that extends beyond the age-old history of the Old Continent. Spread over 9.5 million square miles and hinged between two oceans, with grandiose cities, forests, and deserts in between, North America is home to more 579 million people, 80 percent of which live in one of the continent’s grand metropolises. Whether wandering the electric streets of New York or Los Angeles in the United States, or basking in the natural wonder of the Yukon in Canada, the New World awaits your exploration.

From the Mountains to the Metropolis


The sparsely inhabited Great White North, as Canada is affectionately known, is the second-largest country in the world by total area. Its size is the country’s secret weapon. Blessed by its geographical uniqueness, from the Canadian Rockies to the Banff National Park, to the deep Yukon forests to the sweeping coasts of Nova Scotia, the land of maple syrup holds a spellbinding enchantment on those who travel in its boundless landscapes.


From east to west, New York to California, the 50 states of the United States of America hold diversity. The fire-blazed deserts of the Grand Canyon, visible as you drive on Route 66 to the hilly wonders of San Francisco, offer you a different, but no less rich experience than gazing at the Empire State Building in New York City. The vastness of the USA beckons travellers with its opportunity—and calls you to return time and again to the country of uncle Sam.

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