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50 states, 3.8 million square miles, and 327 million people: travelling the United States of America may almost sound intimidating at first. But as one of the most visited countries in the world, one thing is for sure: no matter where you go in the union, from California to the New York Island, you’re bound to be amazed by the land of diversity. Nature, cities, beaches, history, and endless culture—the USA has it all

The American Experience

The country of Uncle Sam may seem disparate at first. But across the 50 states, the USA is united through its diversity. Eat slice of New York pizza before walking through the highline in Chelsea, or watch the fire-swathed sunset on the Golden Gate Bridge. Explore the glistening streets of Las Vegas or cross the Grand Canyon on foot—no matter which city or what coast you’re on, the quintessential American experience is all about moments like these.

Popular Attractions in USA

Yellowstone National Park

You can’t understate the magic of the Yellowstone National Park, widely held to be one of the first national parks ever created. Its legacy lives on: endless biodiversity, geysers, hot springs, and the Caldera paint an area of 3,468 square miles. No matter where you trek across the 1,000 square miles of trail available, you’ll find that no other national park in the world offers such boundless nature.

Grand Canyon

Familiar, but iconic: though you may have seen the Grand Canyon in millions of pictures, nothing quite prepares you for that feeling when you gaze upon the coiling Colorado river with your own eyes. Adrenaline and adventure await you here: kayaking, hiking, or simply taking in the vistas, the sunset on the North or South Rim is an imagine that will endure forever in your memory.

Empire State Building

No building epitomises the city that never sleeps more than the Empire State Building—and no building is more instantly recognisable in the whole of the USA, and in the world. Across the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park, the views from the top of this 86-floor building allow you to observe the unbridled energy of the Big Apple. Don’t forget your binoculars.

Golden Gate Bridge

A wonder of the modern world, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in the world. But across all the years, it has retained its allure. The bridge’s unmistakable colour is as famous as its draping stature across the San Francisco Bay, and as prodigious as the architectural mastery on which it was built.

Unmissable places in the USA

Best time to visit USA

Given its vast size, the USA is divided into five diverse climate zones. As such, the best time to travel is determined by which part of the country you visit. A dry climate prevails in the interior of the country (the southwest), while the west coast is characterised by generally stable patterns of warmth across the year. The east coast, meanwhile, tends to hold more climatic variation, with winters that can be particularly frigid and summers that can be particularly hot. This variation is not applicable to Florida nor to the south of the country, however, where generally warm climates are found year-round. The USA’s regional variation makes it hard to paint a general picture of volume of tourism. Nonetheless, the period of May to October is generally considered one of the best times to travel across the country, given the lower volume of tourism and more consistent weather across the country.

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