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Oceania: Tailor-made

The remote and diverse lands of the South Pacific

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Welcome to Oceania

Oceania is a vast and unique region of the world, where remote island countries, both sensationally large and incredibly small, are connected by the vast Pacific ocean. From huge, cosmopolitan cities and jaw-dropping coastlines to unique wildlife and cultures, Oceania showcases some of the most diverse peoples, landscapes and fauna on earth.
Australia is a true holiday paradise, with world-famous beaches and spectacular coastlines those looking for a spot in the sun can’t go wrong visiting this special continental country.
Although New Zealand is only a few hours flight from Australia, this island nation presents a completely different landscape. Outdoor enthusiasts will rejoice when they first lay eyes on the country’s towering mountains, steep fjords and breathtaking glaciers.

From the Outback to the home of the Hobbits


The largest country in Oceania and one of the largest in the world, Australia can overwhelm visitors with the sheer amount of unique activities and sights on offer. From one of a kind wildlife, stellar coastlines, modern metropolises and unmatched cultural experiences, the only question is how to fit everything in! Among the must-see attractions in Australia and indeed the world, is Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) in the Outback and the Great Barrier Reef off the north-east coast. The unique opportunity to gain insight into the ancient, Aboriginal cultures of Australia also can’t be overlooked.

New Zealand

New Zealand is a remote and rugged country that was one of the world’s last discovered territories. With a small population calling this awe-inspiring country home, it is a destination that allows one to truly get away from it all. Offering glacier hiking, caving, surfing or soaking in natural hot springs, New Zealand is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. Visitors can also enjoy cultural insights with the wonderful and unique Maori indigenous people, a central aspect of New Zealand identity.

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