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A white-sand beach on the coast of Australia.

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The remote and diverse lands of the South Pacific

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    An Oceania tour is the best way to discover this vast and unique region of the world, where remote island countries, both sensationally large and incredibly small, are connected by the vast Pacific Ocean. From huge, cosmopolitan cities in Australia to jaw-dropping mountains in New Zealand, this region at the end of the world showcases some of the most diverse peoples, landscapes and wildlife on earth. Discover a tailor-made Oceania holiday with Tourlane today, let our Travel Experts create, plan, and book your dream trip today.

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    From the Outback to the Home of the Hobbits


    The largest country in Oceania and one of the largest in the world, Australia can overwhelm visitors with the sheer amount of unique activities and sights on offer. Stellar coastlines on the west coast, the modern metropolises of Melbourne and Sydney, and the hypnotic Outback call to all kind of travellers. See why this country is one of the best places for an Oceania tour.

    New Zealand

    A remote and rugged country, New Zealand was one of the world’s last discovered territories. The country defines the word unspoiled: take a glacier hike, stroll down the dock in Auckland, or go for a surf on one of the countries many amazing beaches. New Zealand is home to film history, unparalleled outdoor excursions, and is the perfect Oceania holiday for travellers looking for magic in their trip. Less

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