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Welcome to Windhoek

Windhoek is a vibrant, multicultural city that manages to merge African and European cultures rather well. The capital of Namibia, Windhoek is the gateway to Namibia’s countryside. From its almost perfectly central location in the country, many different day trips can be undertaken from the city. Due to deep historical ties to Germany, you will encounter a lot of European architecture, showcasing the country’s history as a former German colony. Museums and memorials around the city offer wonderful opportunities to learn more about the country’s fight for independence and unique natural history.

  1. Christchurch

  2. Reiterdenkmal

  3. Alte Feste Fort

  4. Tintenpalast

  5. Katutura Township Tour

  6. Heroes' Acre

  7. Joe's Beerhouse

  8. Hotel Heinitzburg

The Top Attractions in Windhoek

1. Christ Church

The beautiful Christ Church (also known as Christuskirche) is one of the most striking remnants of German rule in Namibia. This Lutheran church was built in 1907 from local sandstone, combining both neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau styles. Tours are available if you want to see the impressive interior of the church when services aren’t in session.

2. Reiterdenkmal

This monument has been controversial for a long time, due to its creation to honour Germany and its war veterans but is now considered a memorial to remind people that things can change. Since 2010, the monument has been erected in front of the Old Fortress.

3. Old Fortress

Visit one of the oldest buildings in Windhoek, whose foundation stone was laid in 1890. The Old Fortress served as the military headquarters until 1915, but ironically, the fort was never involved in military action. Later, it was completely renovated and used as a hostel for Windhoek High School. In 1957 it was declared a National Monument and today you will find the State Museum here, where the history of Namibia's independence is shown.

4. Tintenpalast

The Tintenpalast is the seat of both chambers of the Parliament of Namibia: the National Council and the National Assembly. It has the nickname “Tintenpalast” or “Ink Palace", in honour of all the ink spent on excessive, government paperwork. The Tintenpalast is located in the very well-maintained Parliament Gardens, created in 1930. There you can admire statues of notable historical figures. Since the gardens are not open to the public, it is advisable to book a sightseeing tour in advance.

5. Katutura Township Tour

Katutura is one of Namibia's famous townships, created from Apartheid policies in the 1950s. If you want to discover what daily life is like for locals in Windhoek, you need to spend some time in a township. Katutura is now a thriving community with its own marketplaces, nightlife, and restaurants. From sampling traditional Kapana BBQ, to learning a bit of the local language, a township tour is a safe and educational way to discover this exciting and vibrant culture.

6. Heroes' Acre

The Heroes’ Acre, located just outside Windhoek, is a monument to the fallen soldiers and citizens of Namibia. A touching monument to honour the who people who fought for a free and independent Namibia. There is a statue of the unknown soldier and a 34-meter-high obelisk, as well as seating for about 50,000 people when events are held in its amphitheatre.

7. Joe's Beerhouse

Wonderfully comfortable and family friendly, this local landmark is filled with Joe's personal collection of memorabilia and other artefacts. You can expect generous portions of German and Namibian cuisine here, from Kudu and pork fillets with sauerkraut as well as vegetarian dishes, this charming restaurant is very popular among tourists and locals alike. You haven’t experienced Windhoek until you’ve experienced Joe’s.

8. Hotel Heinitzburg

The hotel is situated in a beautiful castle overlooking the town of Windhoek. Built in 1914, the hotel is known for its luxurious rooms and the staff's attention to detail. If you are looking to indulge in a romantic and relaxing evening, the Heinitzburg is for you. Be it an elegant meal in the gourmet restaurant, a tour of the Knights' Hall with its historic artwork, or a night in one of the luxurious four-poster beds, you won’t be disappointed.

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