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A Windhoek holiday the perfect way to start any Namibia trip. Windhoek is the capital of Namibia, a country once under German colonial rule. A German influence can be seen in the city’s European architecture and multicultural residents. Museums, memorials, and monuments act as a remembrance of a nation’s fight for independence. After a day touring the green spaces of a city engulfed by abiotic land, enjoy a meal that fuses African and German cuisine to create scintillating dishes with a cocktail or craft beer in hand. Spiced sauerkraut anyone? Let our Travel Experts create your personalised dream Windhoek holiday today - let us plan and your perfect trip hassle-free.

  1. Christchurch

  2. Reiterdenkmal

  3. Alte Feste Fort

  4. Tintenpalast

  5. Katutura Township Tour

  6. Heroes' Acre

  7. Joe's Beerhouse

  8. Hotel Heinitzburg

  9.  Less

The Top Windhoek Holiday Attractions

1. Christ Church

A Lutheran church built in 1907, Christ Church is a striking reminder of Germany’s rule in Namibia. Built from local sandstone, it combines neo-gothic and nouveau styles. When service is not in session tours are available if you wish to see the sumptuous interior of this impressive building.

2. Reiterdenkmal

A controversial monument erected in honour of Germany and its war veterans, the Reiterdenkmal is a symbol of colonial times and German rule. Today, the monument stands as a reminder of change, and since 2010, it has stood tall in front of the Old Fortress.

3. Old Fortress

The Reiterdenkmal now stands at the entrance of the Old Fortress, a military headquarter where the first stone was set for construction in 1890. It was later renovated and used as a hostel for the Windhoek High School. Today, you can take a tour of grounds and visit a State Museum that showcases Namibia’s independence.

4. Tintenpalast

Nicknamed “Ink Palace” in reference to the amount of paperwork required for documents used to pass laws in parliament, Tintenpalast represents both chambers of the Parliament of Namibia. Set among a garden full of tropical trees, the chambers represent the National Council and the National Assembly. Although not open to the public, you can book a tour in advance and sightsee among nature as you learn about Namibia’s political history.

5. Katutura Township Tour

Hop on a bike and take a township tour of Katutura. Born from the apartheid policies of the 1950s, in Katutura you will experience what daily life is like for locals as you ride through a thriving community that holds daily markets and offers colourful nightlife at a shebeen bar. Hop off your bike to sample a Kapana barbecue as you learn a little of the local language of Oshiwambo with friendly township residents.

6. Heroes' Acre

Located on the southern outskirts of Windhoek, the Heroes’ Acre is a monument to the fallen soldiers and citizens of Namibia. A tapering stone pillar, this monument stands 34 metres in height and has over 170 tombs across its grounds. The land has a grandstand that can seat up to 5,000 people when events are held throughout the year.

7. Joe's Beerhouse

Feel the warmth as you relax by an open fire at Joe’s Beerhouse, a place full of stories, memorabilia, and local artefacts. A quirky setting with an eclectic taste, Joe’s Beerhouse is famous for its hospitality, music, and a meaty menu that includes pork fillets with sauerkraut. Some would say that until you’ve visited Joe’s for a night of festivity, you haven’t visited Windhoek at all.

8. Hotel Heinitzburg

The Hotel Heinitzburg is a beautifully crafted castle that overlooks Windhoek. A luxurious escape awaits you on arrival at this relaxing accommodation, built in 1914. The hotel is known for its indulgences, with a gourmet restaurant offering sumptuous meals and stunning views of the city. Prepare for ultimate relaxation when staying in this top-quality hotel. Less

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